Most important learning from swami vivekanand

Published: 19th January 2010
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Most Important Learning from Swami Vivekananda
: Yogesh

Do you know the greatest message from Swami Vivekananda? It was building your own strength or power; because without power you just can not achieve anything in life. Have you ever thought what power can do for you?

Let us first see the benefit of mental power:

1. People can talk negatively about you; but since you have mental power you will not feel disturb about that.

2. People may cheat you, but they can not take your piece of mind because you are always in positive state of mind.

3. You will become more confident, because when you are mentally strong your language is very convincing.

4. You will always feel powerful; and only when you are feeling powerful, you take powerful actions.

5. You will never think negative or weak way because people who are mentally strong always think positive and strong.

6. Everyday you will take more and more actions because you will think in confident and powerful way.

Let us now see the benefit of physical power:

1. When you are physically fit you will be more active and your laziness will never stop you.

2. You really feel passionate when you are physically fit. And passion is key to create any success in life.

3. You will look more attractive and authoritative and make impression everywhere.

4. When you are physically fit, you start enjoying everything you are doing.

So friend what is your decision you want to live your life without power/ strength? Or you would like to build your own power; decision in always yours.

Action Points

1. Build mental strong ness by having conversation with your self; talk to yourself. If your mind thinks negative, tell it to think positively, challenge your thought and change your thoughts.

2. Build your physical strength by having workout, good food and healthy routine.

P.S: No idea can change your life; only action on idea can change your life.

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